About Us

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Golden State Care Center has been serving the community of Baldwin Park since 1991, and we pride ourselves on our established reputation of individualized, excellent care.

At Golden State Care Center, we also specialize in services for those with intellectual disabilities. Our 155-bed facility offers healthcare and daily living programs to meet the needs of patients with a wide range of intellectual and physical disabilities, including cerebral palsy, autism, dementia, downs syndrome, and blindness.

For over 25 years, Golden State Care Center has worked closely with the San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center (SG/PRC) as our placement agency. The primary function of SG/PRC is to coordinate quality services and care for adults with intellectual disabilities. We are honored to serve those they place in our care.

At Golden State Care Center, our mission is to provide residents with health and active treatment services using the least restrictive model of treatment. We seek to provide each resident with as many opportunities as possible to increase their independence, using positive reinforcement.

Visitors are welcome every day of the week. Come see our residents and friendly staff in action. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the unique, sophisticated healthcare environment at Golden State Care Center.

Quick Facts

  • Serving those with intellectual disabilities is our primary focus.
  • All beds are Medi-Cal certified.
  • All rooms are equipped with televisions (some include cable tv) and a number of our rooms are equipped with electric high/low beds.
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy is provided to our patients.
  • Admissions can be processed 24/7.
  • RNs are on duty and onsite 24 hours/day.
  • Physicians are on call 24 hours/day.