Frequently Asked Questions

What are visiting hours?

In consideration of our patient’s privacy and comfort, we recommend visiting from 8 am until 8 pm. Visits outside of the recommended hours may be arranged by contacting us directly.

Will Medicare cover my stay in the facility?

No. We work with Medical exclusively.

How often does the Rehabilitation staff work with patients/residents?

Patients work with our staff as often as is needed to meet their physical therapy objectives as laid out by their physicians or physical therapists. Our goal is to help keep our patients as active as possible.

Do the rooms have telephone access?

A facility telephone can be made available for use upon request.

Do the rooms have a television?

Televisions are available for all patient’s rooms. There are also flat screen televisions with cable in common areas for TV viewing.

Which languages are spoken at Golden State Care Center?

At Golden State, along with English, we have staff members who speak Spanish and Tagalog.

How is the laundry done? Can family members take laundry home?

If a family member or caregiver is going to take care of the laundry at home, please let social services staff know your wishes.

All personal clothing is washed on site in an industrial washing machine at a high temperature. Make sure your loved ones’ clothing is appropriate for washing and drying in these hot temperatures. Avoid bringing clothing that requires cold or warm water, special care, or is subject to damage and fading. All clothing must be labeled. Please label the clothing with the patient’s/resident’s name, NOT the room number or initials. Mark clearly and in large letters on the inside neckline or waistband. All items must be marked including socks, shoes, and other personal items.

What articles of clothing should we bring?

We recommend approximately five changes of clothing and a pair of comfortable rubber-soled shoes. All articles should be washed, clearly labeled with patient’s/resident’s name in permanent ink. We advise that patients/residents do not keep valuable jewelry or large amounts of cash in the facility.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can visit at one time?

Although we do not have a formal policy stating visitation guidelines, we suggest using the common areas of the facility to meet with your loved one. If it is not possible to visit in one of the common areas, we suggest a limit of three people in a patient/resident room at one time.

Is there any private space available to use?

You may reserve the activities lounge for any special events (birthday, holidays, meals) with notice.

How often will a physician or health professional visit?

Physicians generally see patients/residents upon admission and once every 30 days for long-term care residents. However, our nursing professionals are in constant contact with all of the physicians that visit the facility. Check with our nursing staff for further information.

Can my loved one receive mail?

Mail is delivered to patients/residents personally on a daily basis except for weekends and holidays.

Golden State Care Center
Attn: ___________________ Room No. __________
1758 N Big Dalton Ave
Baldwin Park, CA 91706

Consider using our Send a Greeting feature on the website. Just type the recipient’s name and type your message. When it arrives in our email box we will print it and hand deliver it to your loved one.

Is smoking permitted in the facility?

For the safety and welfare of all patients/residents and staff, we are a non-smoking facility. There are designated smoking areas in the outdoor areas.

Where should I park when I come to visit?

There is parking in the facility parking lot. Handicap accessible spaces are designated. Avoid parking in spaces specifically reserved. Please observe all posted city parking signs.

Is there someone who provides haircuts?

Yes, we have beauty and barber shop services available. Please inquire at the front desk for appointments and prices.

What do we do if we have personnel concerns?

Our primary concern is that your loved one feels comfortable here and that their needs are being met. You should feel secure and at ease with our staff, particularly those providing direct care. If you have any concerns or praise for our staff, please feel free to contact the Administrator, Director of Nursing, or our social services department. They will be able to address any questions you may have.

Who do I talk to about questions in regard to financials, billing, and/or admission paperwork?

Please contact the Business Office for all financial and billing concerns.

The Admissions Coordinator will guide you through the necessary forms required for admission and review the regulations regarding Medicare, Medicaid, and various insurances.

What is your relationship with the San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center?

The San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center (SG/PRC) is our placement agency. Their primary function is to coordinate quality services and care for adults with intellectual disabilities. We have worked with them for over 25 years.

The San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center (SG/PRC) is one of 21 regional centers in California operated by private nonprofit corporations which contract with the State Department of Developmental Services to coordinate services for people with developmental disabilities. Each regional center is governed by a Board of Directors that sets policy and direction for the regional center. The SG/PRC Board of Directors is made up of volunteers from the community. The composition of the Board as defined by the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act shall be composed of at least 50 percent parents and/or persons with developmental disabilities.